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Call scheduling

  • Direct the field staff
    • Where to go
    • When to go there
    • What to do

Task allocation

  • Flexible task allocation allows
    • Different tasks can be allocated to different stores
    • Mix and match activities to be performed per task
    • Assign mandatory activities


  • Manage your field force with facts
    • Every entry is user, date, time and GPS stamped
    • Manage field staff call compliance
    • Field staff provide reasons for non-compliance
    • Determine time in store
    • Manage call quality empirically
    • Scorecards per field user
    • Manager can perform store audits with automatic feedback to field staff

Field Marketing

Scarecrow can be setup to match your required in-store processes. The inherent flexibility of Scarecrow allows for tasks and activities to be quickly changed to rapidly react to your businesses in-store requirements.

  • Good relationships with stores are critical to success. In-store problem resolution is important to building trust between the store, field staff and your company
    • Scarecrow has unique functionality that allows the field user to record problems that must be actioned by office staff
    • Problem resolution is tracked
    • Tracking, escalation and resolution can be viewed and controlled by management
  • Examples of activities assigned to tasks could be:
    • Store checks
    • Price surveys
    • Promotional compliance
    • Stock levels
    • Merchandising compliance
    • Point of sale placement, and or requirements
    • New product launch compliance
    • Competitor activity
    • Retail asset tracking and maintenance
    • etc.
  • Other standard functionality:
    • Load documents for viewing and/or displaying in-store eg: planograms, new product documentation, call procedures, product price lists or specifications, etc.
    • Picture and video upload capability
    • Point of sale and retail assets allocation and tracking
    • Electronically inform 3rd party maintenance vendors of in-store retail asset maintenance and track resolution
  • This functionality reconnects field staff with the office and 'places' management back in the stores

Order Entry

  • Multiple order formats:
    • Quick order
    • Record card order - mimics manual record card
    • Rep order - includes front and back stock counts
    • Call centre order - capture by product code
    • Suggested order - emails order to store
    • Customer order - customer orders directly with pin
    • Return order
    • and more...
  • Other features:
    • Listing levels user defined
    • Supports multiple promotion types
    • Sequence products
    • Assign statuses to products eg: KVI, on promo, etc.
    • Deals, bulk and negotiated discounts
    • Builds order history per product per store
    • Multiple pricing options - products, listing, etc.
    • Full electronic transmission functionality with translation capabilities, incl. order distribution
    • Import orders from customer B2B systems
    • Unique distribution centre fill-in order feature

In-Store Promotions

Scarecrow's innovative solution for accurate, actual, fact based in-store promotions management.

  • Features:
    • Promoters clock-in & clock-out of their stores
    • System informs managers of promoter no shows
    • In-store process setup to support in-store promotion
    • Promoter records activities as required.
    • Promoter claims uploaded
    • Record customer details if required and automatically transmit to call centre for immediate contact
    • Electronically escalate problems in-store to appropriate manager and track resolution
    • Store management sign for promoter attendance
  • Benefits:
    • Managers informed immediately of promoters non-compliance and problems for timeous resolution
    • Exact time promoter spends in-store calculated resulting in precise renumeration
    • Verification through user, date, time & GPS stamps
    • Cost per store and cost of promotion accurately calculated per day
    • Identify store, promoter and or product performance easily
    • Identify which days of the week provide the best return
    • If used by a promotions agency verification of staff performance is not disputable
  • Pay for actual promoter performance


  • Vast array of reporting options:
    • Daily reports of previous day's preformance. Can be sent via whatsapp
    • Weekly and monthly reports customised to client requirements displaying trends, performance, compliance, etc.
    • Dashboard: Online reporting customised to client specific requirements displaying trends, statistics, analysis, etc.
    • Geo-mapping: Standard and customisable to client requirements


Scarerow has clients in the following industries:

  • Scarerow has clients in the following industries:
    • Alchoholic Beverages
    • Banking
    • Broadcasting
    • Carbonated Soft Drinks
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Entertainment
    • FMCG
    • Mobile
    • Telecommunications
    • etc.
  • Some of which are global brands, or who represent global brands.

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