New pilots by region: 2016-2035

The airline industry continues to experience sustained growth "...Between now and 2035, the aviation industry will need to supply more than two million new aviation personnel-617,000 commercial airline pilots, 679,000 maintenance technicians, and 814,000 cabin crew. Meeting this demand will require innovative solutions"

(Current Market Outlook 2016-2035, Boeing, 2016)

Recruitment Process

Transform application data into information

  • Assign weighted rankings to your desired attributes
  • Assign weighted rankings to interview, simulator check questions, etc
  • System ranks each applicant accordingly
  • Search applicants at any step to select highest ranked.

An actual airline's statistics

Pilots registered on system 672 -
Pilots in process of application 356 53%
Pilots Unsuccesful 180 27%
Pilots available for recruitment process 136 20%
Interview success rate prior to system - 47%
Interview success rate post system - 88%

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